Off-Highway Axles

Our off-highway axles have been available in capacities up to 65,000 lbs for many years, and now are available up to 100,000 lbs.

These axles are commonly used on off-road trailers, tankers, and mobile equipment. Like our Self-Steer and Force-Steer axles, the Off-Highway axles are manufactured from proprietary quenched and tempered alloy steel for highest impact properties in extreme temperatures in the industry. The majority of our production on these models go into applications that operate in the harshest service environments in the world. Our axles have a proven track record to survive these harsh climates, making KGI the number one choice.

The Off-Highway axles are engineered to work with various suspension types, different brake sizes, optional track widths, and different wheel stud configurations. And we can deliver our axles fully dressed to suit your application.

We have ample supply of Off-Highway axle parts, including heavy duty bearings, hubs, studs, nuts, and other components so that replacement parts are easy to source when necessary.

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KG500 OFF-HIGHWAY Axle & Link TR50 Suspension Integration

The KG500 Axle and TR50 Suspension are designed and built to deliver the maximum performance in the most challenging environments. The 50K capacity allows you to attain 150K payload capacity in a tridem axle configuration. The suspension is built with superior materials and its strict quality control procedures delivers a product you can count on.

KG Industries has a long standing history building heavy duty Off-Highway Axles. Our axles are designed and manufactured in house using state of the art CNC machining and the highest grade materials, including solid heat treated alloy axle beams. Our design and manufacturing process combine to create a product that provides performance and extended service life in all the harshest operating environments, from extreme cold arctic mining to desert oil and gas operations.

All of our customers from OEM’s, fleets to independent operators are provided with the correct replacement parts when and where they need them. Having support and parts is critical in remote operating areas where transportation options are limited or restricted.

Replacement components are kept in stock or ready to manufacture. This includes axle components: bearings, seals, hubs, drums, studs, brake components and entire axle beams. As well as suspension components: air springs, bushings, height control valves, and shocks.

For jobs that require hauling more volume for longer distances, with less maintenance and down time, the KG500 TR50 is the solution. This package solution provides a suspension and axle that are optimized to integrate together to deliver the best performance, and reduce the vibration and stress on the trailer.

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Axles We Manufacture

KGI Self-Steer Axles

Self-Steer Axles

We have been manufacturing leading king pin Self-Steer axles for over 35 years. Our axles can be made to fit most suspensions and can accommodate various brake sizes. They are manufactured to provide the highest impact values in the industry, and are available in virtually any track width required.

KGI Force-Steer Axles

Force-Steer Axles

Our in-line king pin Force-Steer axles are the most versatile in the industry. They will fit most suspensions, will accommodate various brake sizes, and are available in single and dual tire applications, among other customization options. We also offer complete steering system solutions for manual or fully automatic control.

KGI Off-Highway Axles

Off-Highway Axles

We build a diverse lineup of Off-Highway axles over a broad range of capacities up to 100,000 lbs. Manufactured from special quenched and tempered alloy steel for highest impact properties in extreme temperatures. They are commonly used on off-road trailers, tankers, and mobile equipment.

Standard Trailer Axles

Standard Trailer Axles

Our Standard Trailer Axles are incredibly versatile. With various track lengths available, paired with disc brakes from all leading manufacturers (Haldex, Wabco, Bendix), and have options for Trunnion and specialty applications.  All trailer axles are assembled in our plant, and are built to the standards and quality.

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