Our Story

At KGI, we believe that reliability is the product of innovative engineering, attention to detail, and true dedication. With these values Al Genberg co-founded the company back in 1978 and these same values run deep through KGI today under Al’s son, Luke Genberg. Manufacturing of functional, reliable heavy-duty axles is the absolute priority for us.

Our family of employees live and breathe KGI values, otherwise you don’t stay for very long. A few of our employees who have been with us from the start are still with us today. We are a relatively small heavy duty axle manufacturer, numbering about 30 full-time employees who build approximately 3,500 axles per year. But what we lack in size, we make up in capability.

We take pride in the axles we produce. We manufacture heavy duty axles for commercial and specialty equipment and have various configurations of Self-Steer, Force-Steer, Off-Highway, and over the road standard trailer axles. We manufacture our axles from a proprietary quenched and tempered alloy steel, making our axles extremely tough and durable in a wide range of operating temperatures.

Components are chosen for their longevity and ease of maintenance. No axle is ever shipped to a customer without passing an exhaustive quality control inspection. Even small, cosmetic details are attended to. Things like welding spatter is cleaned up and unnecessary sharp edges are rounded out.

We work tirelessly to innovate and come up with improved axles. These efforts result in various firsts in our industry, like the highest rated Off-Highway axle made in Canada at 130,000 lb, or availability of disk brakes from all leading caliper manufacturers on our Self-Steer axles, or a complete integrated Hydraulic Steering System for our Force-Steer axles.

We are extremely sensitive and responsive to customer requirements and needs. We will listen to our customers and work along-side with them to design and manufacture specialty axles that will suit their unique applications.

We are located in a small town of Cawston, in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. Being close to the US border, makes it cost effective for us to ship axles to our US customers FOB Washington State. You will find our axles on equipment across North America, from the Arctic, East to West, in South America as far South as Chile, and in Australia as well as New Zealand.

We invite inquiries, so if you would like more information or are simply curious, please reach out.

The KGI Way

We believe that reliability is the product of innovative engineering, attention to detail, and true dedication.

Remarkable engineering is a collaborative effort between creative and technical thinking, which is at the very heart of our corporate culture. We build products that last because we empower our colleagues to think differently. We thrive on custom solutions that inspire our innovative designs.

We build superior axles through innovation.